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The DIYary

I have added a new subsection to my webpage which acts as a journal for any DIY-related topics. Me and some friends will add failures as well as successes from our daily lives to it. Take a look here.

Technical Background

As I wanted to make contributing to this “blog” as easy as possible, I created a telegram chatbot. As an activated contributer, you can simply talk to the @diyary_kg9_bot. It will guide you through creating a new blogpost.

Once the conversation has ended, the responses are used to fill a markdown template file based on the Jinja2 templating engine. Finally, using the simple static site generator blogit, the website is generated. It is then deployed via rsync to a folder which is the root for an nginx webserver. Additionally, the source files are committed into a git repository. I can clone this repository and commit to it for manual editing of the blog.